Team Building 2

Efficient team building activities can effectively help your employees improve communication and productivity, as well as boost morale and motivation. A whole host of businesses and companies in Melbourne utilise team building ideas to ultimately promote better teamwork in the workplace – a key factor associated with what makes companies successful. Here are the top ten team building activities and ideas.
1. ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ has each employee write down two truths about themselves and one lie – in secret – on a small piece of paper. An open conversation follows as your employees then quiz each other on their three statements. The goal: to convince others that your lie is actually a truth, while you also try to guess other people’s truths and lies by asking them questions.

2. The ‘Life Highlights Game’ has each participant close their eyes for one minute and consider which thirty seconds of their life they would want to relive – if they only had thirty seconds left to live. Each participant will then share what their 30 seconds was and why they chose it.

3. ‘Coin Logo’ has each participant create their own personal logo using materials they have on them – coins, pens, notebooks, or wallets – in just one minute. They then explain their logo to the group, discussing what led to the logo in addition to what it says about them.

4. ‘A Shrinking Vessel’ has a team stand within a space on the floor. The space is then gradually shrunk – using a rope, blanket, or piece of tape to mark boundaries – with the team having to work together, think fast and constantly devise ways to keep everyone inside the space.

5. ‘Egg Drop’ has your employees split into teams with half an hour to collaboratively construct a protective carrier – from general office supplies – that will keep an egg safe from a one metre drop. Then the tests begin! If you end up with a tie, steadily increase the height of the drop until you have a winning team.

6. ‘Back-to-Back Drawing’ is a team building idea that has your employees pair off and sit back to back with each other. One person receives a picture of a simple image (such as a shape) while the other has a pen and piece of paper. The person with the picture verbally instructs their partner on how to draw the picture they’ve been given (without telling them what the image actually is). Each set of partners then compares their drawings to see which team drew the most accurate image.

7. ‘Masterpiece Murals’ has each of your employees use a brush and some canvas to create their own painting. Once dry, these can all be displayed together in the office as a mural. They can also be hung throughout the office at individual employee workspaces.

8. ‘Office Trivia’ has your employees split off into teams to test their knowledge on a series of questions specific to your workplace. Questions can include “What brand are the computers?”, “What colour are the kitchen tiles?”, or “What’s the most common month of employee birthdays?”.

9. ‘Plane Crash’ has your employees crash landed on a deserted island. Stranded, your team are forced to choose only twelve items from around the office that they think would be most useful for their survival – each of these items should then be ranked in order of importance. Alternatively, employees can make a case for their individual selections first, have the whole group discuss the choice and then come to an agreement.

10. ‘Spider Web’: This team building activity involves taping two pieces of string varying in length across a doorway – this string is the poisonous spider web. Teams must then get all their members through the doorway opening between the strings without touching them. Increase the difficulty by taping more and more pieces of string across the doorway until you are left with a winner.

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